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12 tips and tricks to make your paella a success

The stuff of elders, parents, friends, everyone knows some …
So I decided to summarize them all on one page …
Want to become the queen or the king of paella? Forget all your shots and remember them:

12 tips and tricks of paella


All these tips are valid for any paella recipe & not just paella valenciana.

  • You want to make authentic? So serve your paella at the table with wooden spoons, and without plates!
    In Valencia, everyone eats normally in the paella!
  • Do not stir with metal spoons, use as much as possible wooden utensils.
  • Make sure you have your rice in the paella only when the water is boiling.
  • NEVER cover a paella while cooking!
    It is advised when everything is finished, during its rest period and only if your rice misses some cooking.
  • The rest of the paella, once cooked, is important, so wait at least 5 minutes before serving.
  • The cooking time of the rice varies depending on the type of rice, so watch the manufacturer’s instructions.

Finally you will find even more tips common to all paella rice on this page:
Rice in Paella

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