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The dye in the Paella

What dye to use in Paella?

According to the Association for Anti-Cancer Therapeutic Research the food coloring E102: tatrazine that we all use for paella is possibly carcinogenic!
quel colorant dans la paellaTheir site has a classification of food additives (dyes, preservatives & antioxidants) according to their potential or possibly carcinogenic risk.
More exactly, the two classifications are:

  • “Probably or certainly carcinogenic “
  • “Possibly carcinogenic”

This classification has been established according to the data of the international scientific literature based on the physiopathological and toxicological potential mechanisms of the molecules or groups of molecules concerned, on the experimental results obtained in the laboratory animal and when they are available, on epidemiological data.
In other words, we must take their conclusion VERY seriously.
So without hesitation choose a natural spice, ancestral, authentic & original: Saffron!
Certainly it is difficult to find & especially very expensive …
And it is true that we are so used to this beautiful yellow-orange color that gives the dye.
That the saffron of bad quality does not make …

 Tartrazine-based stain (E102) causes vision disturbances, hyperactivity, asthma, rhinitis, eczema, insomnia and may be carcinogenic with mutagenic effects. It is banned in Austria, Finland and Norway. ” 
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