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Paella over a wood fire or gas?

For a good paella to succeed, control of fire is essential, because you must be able to revive it, or soften it, following each step of cooking.
So: firewood or gas?
Traditionally, paella is cooked over a wood fire. And just cooking it will give it an unparalleled flavor, compared to cooking with gas. But it requires a great organization and a very good control …
This is why gas cooking, much simpler & more flexible, has become widespread.

Tips for cooking paella over a wood fire

If possible with orange or lemon wood.
This wood, in addition to bringing a special flavor to the paella, provides a regular fire and easy to control.
Relatively easy given the difficulty of cooking over a wood fire.
Of course, you can cook with another wood than the orange tree.
It will always be better than gas cooking.

Restaurant Puigmola Paella plein feu de bois

Prepare well, different pieces of wood before starting.
But also your ingredients, because once the Paella launched, impossible to stop, to take the time to cut this or that …

Tips for cooking the gas paella

If you have to cook with gas: never on a gas stove
Or else, a tiny paella for two.
Why ? Because the kitchen burners are not at all suitable for cooking a larger paella.
And you will cook your rice in some places but not others.
To cook well you must use a “paellero”.
It is perfectly studied for!
Paellero para la Paella Valenciana

While cooking, use only the small circle of gas to cook food without unnecessarily burning the edges of the pan.
And while cooking the rice & broth, use the two circles to spread the heat evenly over the whole, and cook the rice of all your paella evenly.

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