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The utensils for the paella

Whether you are beginner or experienced, here is an overview of all the utensils needed to achieve your Paella.
In photo the essential equipment to prepare it, cook it and the necessary cooking.
Even if it is not enough to have the right kitchen utensil to make a perfect meal, it helps a lot.
What are the best paella utensils?

The essentials of Paella utensils

If you are new to Paella know that it can take a few years before you have the experience and all the right tools at hand.
Here’s the perfect set of utensils for any Paella lover who wants to cook for his friends or family on a regular basis. With that you are ready!

If you made it over a wood fire, a simple tripod.
And a vegetable rapper to make your tomato purée without putting on the skin.

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