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Servings Prep Time Cook Time Passive Time
10servings 45minutes 45minutes 5minutes
Imprimer la recette
Servings Prep Time Cook Time Passive Time
10servings 45minutes 45minutes 5minutes


  • 10pieces Gambas: or shrimps, according to your means
  • 10pieces Langoustines
  • 0,8kg Monkfish: monkfish tail cut into thick slices
  • 0,8kg Cuttlefish: or squids, according to your taste
  • 240g Tomatoes: about 2 big tomatoes
  • 2tsp Sweet pepper
  • 2tsp Parsley: chop garlic & parsley in some Mediterranean extra virgin oil
  • 40strands Saffron
  • 1kg Pasta: vermicelli n°4 or n°3
  • 3,5dl Olive oil: P.D.O. from Valencia, or any Mediterranean extra virgin oil
  • Salt: white & fine
  • 2,5l Fish broth: from rock fish, crabs, monkfish head, …
Servings: servings


  • Prepare well in advance all your ingredients :
    • Cut into uniform pieces the monkfish and the cuttlefish & add salt.
    • Clean the mussels.
    • Grate the tomatoes manually and throw the skin away.
    • Think carefully about putting your pan on the stove.
For the broth or « fish fumet » :
  • For the broth, or « fish fumet », in a pot :
    • Brown an onion with some olive oil.
    • Add rock fishes, crabs and the monkfish head in order to fry them too.
    • Pour three liters of water.
    • Some add a small leek, one bay leaf & parsley.
    • Boil for about an hour.
    • Pour through a strainer to keep only the broth.
    • Cook the langoustines and the gambas and set them aside from the paella.
    • Slightly fry the monkfish, and set it aside from the paella.
    • Fry the cuttlefish and push it to the edges of the paella.
    • In the center, add the sweet pepper, the parsley and the grated tomatoes, fry gently.
    Recette Fideua de mise en place des gambas Bible de la paella
Pasta cooking
    • Add the vermicelli & fry them with the rest of the preparation.
    • Pour 2 l of broth, about twice the volume of pastas.
    • Add the saffron & properly scatter the ingredients in the paella.
    • Let it cook on high heat for 8 to 10 minutes.
    • Pastas should start to appear.
    • Then add the langoustines, shrimps and monkfish. By pushing them very slightly.
    • Reduce the heat for the last 8 to 10 minutes.
    Recette Fideua de Gambas mise en place des pates Bible de la paella
  • Finally, always let it rest a few minutes before serving.
    If the rice is not cooked enough, you can cover it for at least 5 minutes with aluminium foil, newspapers or a large cloth.
    Enjoy your meal !…
    Recette Fideua de Gambas mise en place Bible de la paella

Recipe Notes

Fideua with prawns and slipper lobstersUnder any circumstances your pastas should be bathed in the broth…
The fideuà is a slightly humid dish, it has to stay smooth.

Variations & tricks of the fideuà recipe :

Variation: some pour the broth, then add the vermicelli.
Variation : for shellfish, I advise you to make a mix of langoustines & shrimps, but we also use slipper lobsters or “galères” in French & gambas…
Trick : if the fishmonger gives you some big monkfishes heads for your broth, you will find the liver inside. Slightly fry it, with shellfishes, set them aside & add them on the dish shortly before the end…
Trick : even if the pastas size n°4 are the closest ones to the diameter of a rice grain, some prefer n°3, slightly thiner, which leave a different mouthfeel… In any case, not thiner…

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