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The different rice recipes of Valencia

Paella must not be confused with all other Valencian specialties made with saffron rice.
In Valencia, Valencians usually say:

“The paella, no arroz con cosas!” In French: “Paella is not rice with things! …”

That’s why the Valencians, so proud of their Paella and all their rice recipes, make it a point of honor that we do not mix all that. So there is Paella and the rest …
We can differentiate these different dishes of rice, in three ways:

  1. By the containers
  2. By cooking means
  3. By cooking obtained

The different containers

There are four:

Different ways of cooking

There are three kinds of ways to cook rice:

  1. On a wood fire: theme widely discussed on this site.
  2. Gas: easy 🙂
  3. Baked: an institution in Valencia when winter comes.

The different rice dishes obtained

There are three kinds of ways to cook rice in Valencia:

  1. Dry rice: often in paella but also in baked clay dish.
  2. Rice in broth: Caldoso sprinkles.
  3. The “soft” rice: Melosos sprinkles. Between the first two because the less present broth becomes very thick when cooked.

Method of classifying Valencia rice

Here is a classification with a mixture of the three.
Because none of these differences makes a classification easy.
Here is a table to better understand the difficulty:

Classement des différents riz de Valencia
Title Rendering Dish Baking
Rice in Paella
Arroz in paella
Wood fire
or gas
Rice in the oven
Arroz al horno
Earthenware dish
Rice in Bouillon
Arroz Caldoso
Earthenware dish
Cazuela puchero
Wood fire
or gas
Fluffy Rice
Arroz meloso
Earthenware dish
Cazuela onda
Wood fire
or gas

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